Welcome to RenCare

Welcome to Rencare. What brought you here is the search for sound health, either for yourself or a loved one. As you have found our site on your journey, we congratulate you. We believe that Optimum Health is a journey, not a destination. As you travel down the road, try to enjoy it as much as you can. Be open-minded. You may come across information that conflicts with what you think you already know. If you do, examine it logically and if it makes sense, give it a chance.

Finding real health requires being ready to make a paradigm shift from what is, to what will be.  On our part, we will strive to make your health plan, if you already have one, even better regardless of where you may be on your journey.

If you have not yet made any plans we shall try to support you as you create a unique one that is targeted to your individual requirements because you are unique.


Our Promise

We promise to offer an honest, sincere analysis of your health status. This will be based on current science and a thorough understanding of the principles that underpin the functions of the human body.

We will strip away all jargon and help you to understand where your health is at the moment. If there is a health challenge, we will show you what you can do to retrieve and retain optimum health. Your journey needs to begin with understanding how what you eat may be contributing to how good or poor your state of health is. We will not limit you to the traditional food groups only but will offer novel ways in which you can combine food groups to maximise the positive impact eating would have on you, and also expose how cooking methods could enhance or destroy vital nutrients in your food that the body so desperately needs.

We will explain in simple terms the dangers inherent in the “convenience foods” that we seem to enjoy eating so much these days. The words “fast food” paints a picture of the typical burger meal or pizza, but “fast food” has come a long way since its humble origins. Fast food has a strong reputation for being unhealthy, and is blamed for obesity and heart disease. However there are now healthy options even in the fast food industry. All these and more will be exposed to you and we can tell you even more if you sign up for our free newsletter

Dr Femi Ladeinde


Are you ready for a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed therapist. Schedule your appointment now!

Are you ready for a consultation?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed therapist. Schedule your appointment now!