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The blood, driven by the cardiovascular system, is the central coordinating tissue in the body. It is the one thing that touches every single one of the body’s 30 trillion or so cells. It delivers nutrients to them and removes their waste. Extracts of the blood become extracellular/tissue fluid that bathes the cells, where free exchange of gases and nutrients take place.

The cells also expel their metabolic wastes as well as toxins into this tissue space. It is easy to imagine what could happen if movement of fluid through this place slows down. Concentrations of waste and toxins would rise sharply while gases like Oxygen, critical for maintaining metabolism, would drop. This is supposed to be one of the initiating steps to the creation of the dreaded cancer cells! That is why many of the treatment modalities that attempt to treat cancers as a discrete lump separate from the rest of the body systems seem to have so little success. The terrain must be cleaned up first, before dealing with the consequence of the terrain having “gone bad” in the first place!