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While we carry out the analysis of your health status based on the most current indices known to natural healthcare practice,

We will try to strip away all jargon and help you to understand exactly where your health status is on the optimum health index and what you can do to retrieve and retain optimum health. To the elderly we say – age should not equal pain and discomfort. You can still add health to your years. All we ask is that you are ready to take responsibility for your own health.

At Rencare, we offer Integrated Healthcare because we take a holistic view of each person and refuse to manage just symptoms. We provide personalised protocols to our patients to help achieve a healthier and more prosperous lifestyle. We are acutely aware that no two human beings are exactly alike, and this includes twins!

What we offer therefore is quite simple. We will endeavour to answer all your questions as far as we can, and because of the depth of experience we carry in the team, we are sure that will go a considerable distance. As we are unique individuals, even when two people exhibit similar symptoms the underlying metabolic imbalances could be different and the approaches to finding a solution may also be different.